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Even kids know there are ends to each duration. Days are simple enough. At the very edges, you could count by the measures of awake and asleep. But for you and me, we were working on a different edge then that had one final segment. I hadn’t thought that it would be marked by the white and green ferry. Right then, hearing you, I knew once we got off the boat, our day would be over. We would be over. If the point of the day had been to prolong the moment, our missing the ferry only increased the time we had together, however small in retrospect. This was our time. Start on one side. End on the other. Here we were, together preparing for the end. “Yeah sure. Whatever,” I said. I wanted there to be something to hold in my memory from all this even if it meant some dumb little snap back on my part. But it could have been anything: a shell from the beach, a kiss. Whatever.

FRAGMENTVM “Blue Is a Cold Number #1


Liberi quidem sciunt cuique spatio, ut scilicet ita diebus, esse fines, nam dormiturus potest quando ac quantum sit somnum metari. Nobis tamen una pars ante finem manebat cum in alba viridique nave trans flumen navigavimus ignari dum te audita intellego finem nave relicta esse venturum. Obvii finem ibamus. Si iter ad tempus trahendum faceremus, prima nave amissa tempus plus trahebatur, quam minime, ut nunc opinor, tale enim erat nostrum tempus: proximo fine excesso ulteriorem mox transgrediamur. Disiuncti esse parabamus; “Sic,” inquam, “Si libet.” Stultus volebam aliquid leve memoriae comprehendere, quid sit nihil refert, utrum concha litore an basium. Si libet.

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The Baths of Caracalla

Elaborate public baths constructed by the Emperor Caracalla around 216 CE, were a center of Roman social life and one of the great engineering triumphs of the 3rd Century. Sprawling over some 33 acres on Rome’s outskirts, the baths were a vast complex of business and entertainment establishments. At the center of everything were the baths themselves - a “frigidarium” (cold bath), several “tepidaria” (warm baths) and a “calidarium” (steam bath); most bathers passed through them in that order. Aqueducts fed thousands of gallons of mountain water into the system. Water for the tepidaria and calidarium  was heated by the wood-burning furnaces connected to a network of steam pipes beneath the floors.  The baths would remain in use until the 6th century when Goths destroyed aqueducts that supplied the baths with water. 

Learning that there’s a big difference between being someone who talks about Latin to students and a Latin Teacher. I’ve got a lot of work to do to be the latter.

A Time of Empire 

The years during which Rome expanded from provincial town to a world power were also a period of ambitious empire-building elsewhere, far beyond Rome’s reach. In China, the short-lived but aggressive Qin Dynasty triumphed over neighboring states and formed the first Chinese Empire, covering a substantial portion of the modern nation. To consolidate his new territories and erect a bulwark against marauding Huns of North Central Asia, the Qin ruler, Qin Shi Huang, himself a relentlessly cruel autocrat, extended the Great Wall into a single fortified line stretching from the northwest frontier to the sea some 1,400 miles to the east. After his death, his dynasty gave way to the Han rulers who added further provinces to their Empire. 

In India, after the invasion of Alexander brought a brief contact with the West, the Maurya emperors began in 322 B.C. to found a powerful kingdom. It reached its peak in the middle of the Third century B.C. under King Asoka. After a fierce war, Asoka pushed south to the Bay of Bengal. Then, converted to Buddhism, he repudiated violence and passed his years in the tranquil pursuit of peace. 

Bronze Edict from Qin Dynasty (x)

Bilingual Edict of King Asoka  (x)

Mauryan architecture (x)




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